Drake Worships An Ancient Golden Owl Cow God From Space

The rapper Drake is a huge commodity in the Hip Hop industry, a hot pocket of joy with a musical history that dates back to his uncle Larry Graham, Jr. Now channeling that legacy in a pitch corrected, hip hop slinging, not writing his own lyrics costume, Drake has risen not only in the highest ranks of the entertainment industry, but in prestigious levels of the social ladder of the rich.

Drake the rapper now Drake the global ambassador of the Toronto Raptors

With a reported net worth of $75 million, Drake is a big player, and in celebrations of his own personal success, Drake notoriously praises his brand OVO as the forefront of everything Drake. OVO stands for October's Very Own, a brand founded by Canadian fashion enthusiast Oliver el-Khatib, who incorporated Drake into the brand after several liaisons provided by Gavin Sheppard, CEO of Remix Project charity, the organisation that helped start up the OVO government funded festival.

After becoming partners in OVO, it was Drake who first began associating the OVO logo with the owl animal, but long before the OVO brand mascot, was the ritualistic idolatry by what could be described as a mad man's obsession with a cult symbolic owl, from owl necklaces to giant owl stage screens, Drake is a man in love with the owl. But more specific, his love and deliberate choice of the 11th century Egyptian hieroglyphic for the letter M.

The Flower of Life: The Gateway to Higher Consciousness

The ubiquity of this beautifully satisfying geometric symbol is astonishing. It appears at the Golden temple in Amritsar, in a Buddhist Temple at Ajanta, India, in the Louvre and at Ephesus. It has been embroidered onto the robes of Sultans. It can be seen in Cordoba, in Marrakech, in Beijing, the Lebanon, in Egypt, and Japan.

It is chiseled into wood in Holland and carved into stone in Scotland and Austria. The oldest example of the Flower of Life is believed to be 2500 years old. The Flower of Life design is deceptively simple. It consists off a series of evenly spaced interlinking circles. As more circles are added, the pattern emerges. The design has been favored by religions, architects, and

Amber Rose wears Inverted Cross on her Forehead: History and Meaning

Amber Rose has been a long time staple model in the Hip Hop industry, from her lesbian affairs with top end super models and artists such as Somaya Reece to her relationships with satanic sex addict Kanye West and now recently giving birth to the spawn of one of our favorite rappers on this site, Wiz Khalifa.

The story of Amber Rose is quite an extraordinary one, yet common, and it was once rumored that Amber Rose was indeed a sex slave recruit for top Jewish businessmen in the entertainment business, and after being branded as used and abused she was let loose and 'saved' by Kanye, when in fact she was given to him as his prize 'kitten'.

Ms. Rose aka Alyssa Audrey Rose Testa now known as Amber Rose was born in Philadelphia, having a poor upbringing, she was abandoned by her parents, due to their divorce, and was under the supervision of her aunt. Later she became a stripper and no doubt a prostitute for the right price, allegedly, a Def Jam executive had such a good time with her that he

Jay-Z & Young Jeezy Wear Shirt with Satan having Sex with Jesus?

Rapper Jay-Z, who has already been seen wearing the infamous Aleister Crowley hoodie, is back at it again but this time even worse, as seen above with fellow rapper Young Jeezy, Jay is wearing a hoodie with the image of Satan as a human with horns sexually abusing Jesus on an alter.

Jay-Z has since resigned as Def Jam president and rapper Young Jeezy took his place, and of course the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree as Young Jeezy was recently spotted wearing a hoodie with the exact same image that Jay-Z had.

The bigger blow out is the image from Young Jeezy's hoodie, the insert is a blow out of Jay-Z's. 
Here you can see a pale man in the image of Jesus being held by a devilish looking man in a red robe, in Jay-Z's the man has a red horn on his head. Jesus seems either in pain or unconscious with his legs being held up as the sinister man is prioritized around Jesus' genitals, the stake can be seen underneath, further clarifying the pale man's identity.

However, this cropped image is actually part of a larger picture, In fact this is a painting created by esoteric artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and is called 'The Entombment of Christ' re-living the moment Jesus was buried after his crucifixion.

In folk lore the closest that Jesus and Satan have ever come in contact sexually would be the Nazi Theology that Satan had sex with Eve, this being the forbidden fruit, for then Eve to give birth to twins Cain and Abel. However, in the Bible it does say 'And Adam knew his wife

Tupac's Godmother becomes 1st Women on FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List (Video)

Its being reported that Tupac Shakur's step-aunt Assata Shakur real name Joanne Chesimard has just been named the first Black African Women to be placed on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List and in light of this historic event the Reward for her capture alive has been doubled to $2 million.

Assata Shakur was involved with the Black Liberation Army which rose after the dismemberment of the Black Panther Party. In a fatal shoot out with police back in 1977 she allegedly killed and executed officer Werner Foerster with his own firearm. Police later stated that they had found Joanne's jammed handgun laying by Werner's body, confirmed after a finger print analysis was made.

Joanne was caught and sentenced for life in prison in but after 2 years she escaped and fled to Cuba where she was granted political asylum and given a new name which would

The Tree of Life from The Movie - The Fountain, Could the Biblical Tale be True?

For those who have seen the movie The Fountain you will understand that it is a very spiritual movie where Actor Hugh Jackman is led on a spiritual journey in finding the Tree of Life which he hopes will save his wife from cancer. At first in the physical plain he does come across a tree which has the genetic properties of fighting cancer but in turn the movie then becomes quite complex as it deals with 3 different dimensions all occurring simultaneously revolving around this tree, but the "star" factor of the movie is the spiritual world that Hugh is enduring as he dwells with what we know as the Tree of Life, at these points it is difficult to understand what the "truth" is in him being one with the spiritual nature of enlightenment. A synopsis of the movie at the end the article.

Well as they say, Truth is stranger than Fiction and in fact the Tree of Life that the movie was centered around may actually be more real than we think as opposed to a legendary bible tale guarded by flaming swords, angels and the voice of God. What we know the Tree of Life as of today is actually the ASH

The Secret Gateway to Heaven?

The Heavens and the features in them form a universal symbolic language, since they are the one consistent aspect of the natural world that can be shared by many people at the same time. It could be said that this shared experience is almost equal to the experience of music. Indeed, philosophers have said all the planets and stars do resonate, each playing its own "note" that resounds, collectively, as the Music of the Spheres.

The Heavens are seen to be the abode of an all encompassing supernatural superpower. This divine spirit very generously guarantees the fertility of the Earth by raining down upon it, providing heat and light via the clockwork regularity of the Sun, illuminating the darkness with the stars, planets and the Moon. It is also said each of these communicate messages by means of various wave lengths, signs and symbols, such as cloud patterns, rainbows, shooting stars and comets.

The idea that there are "steps" to Heaven is shared by many cultures. There are different "spheres" or "realms" of Heaven, generally seven or nine, which signify the stages of spiritual progress or transcendence necessary to progress to the highest echelons of the rarefied atmosphere. These stages of Heaven are also reflected in religious buildings, such as the 13 stepped New World Order pyramid. The 13 steps actually originated from the