The True Meaning of Drake the 6God

The rapper Drake is a huge commodity in the Hip Hop industry, a hot pocket of joy with a musical history that dates back to his uncle Larry Graham, Jr. Now channeling that legacy in a pitch corrected, hip hop slinging, not writing his own lyrics costume, Drake has risen not only in the highest ranks of the entertainment industry, but in prestigious levels of the social ladder of the rich.

Drake the rapper now Drake the global ambassador of the Toronto Raptors

With a reported net worth of $75 million, Drake is a big player, and in celebrations of his own personal success, Drake notoriously praises his brand OVO as the forefront of everything Drake. OVO stands for October's Very Own, a brand founded by Canadian fashion enthusiast Oliver el-Khatib, who incorporated Drake into the brand after several liaisons provided by Gavin Sheppard, CEO of Remix Project charity, the organisation that helped start up the OVO government funded festival.


After becoming partners in OVO, it was Drake who first began associating the OVO logo with the owl animal, but long before the OVO brand mascot, was the ritualistic idolatry by what could be described as a mad man's obsession with a cult symbolic owl, from owl necklaces to giant owl stage screens, Drake is a man in love with the owl. But more specific, his love and deliberate choice of the 11th century Egyptian hieroglyphic for the letter M.

Egyptian owl hieroglyphic for M

Drake with owl hieroglyphic tattoo


A symbol which is used by the infamous american private gentlemen's club, the bohemian grove in California. When the conspiracy king Alex Jones exposed the club, a storm of stories revealed homosexual happenings between presidents, distinguished businessmen, politicians alike and with little kids ranging down to 5 years old. Stories of gruesome behavior by men that seemed to have all been conspired by the clubs bizarre ceremonial prop show from Hell, where members dressed in capes would chant around a giant owl and in effigy would burn an offering of a little child to the owl.
"Then, out came the high priest, who went through all his incantations about the dead (who is dead at the Grove in the past, may their spirits be conjured and brought back there by the "great owl"). He praised the owl for about twenty minutes.. So, the priest talked about "goodly Tyre and Babylon." Well, there is only one "great owl" of Babylon and "goodly"" - alex jones 

bohemian club official logo

Relations to babies being offered to giant owls in human encyclopedia, can be found in the christian bible, where Moloch worship was practiced by the Canaanites, Phoenicians, and related cultures in North Africa and the Levant. As a god worshiped by the Phoenicians and Canaanites, Moloch had associations with a particular kind of propitiatory child sacrifice by parents. (wiki).
You shall not give any of your children to offer them to Molech, and so profane the name of your God: I am the Lord - Leviticus 18:2121; Christian bible
Molochs appearance has been described throughout history as a bull like deity, and most particularly with the Canaanites who would craft an idol with a bulls head on a human torso with holes in the belly.

Moloch 18th century German illustration

Similar worship of the bull can also be seen when the biblical character Moses was given the 10 commandments by his god, and came down from Mount Sinai and abolished the worship of the golden calf by his fellow Israelite's. According to the bible Moses' brother Aaron 'made up' a god and it was to be the golden calf, if taken in the context of gods and sorcery then, Aaron used magic to conceive the deity, and this knowledge could be explained by his royal Egyptian upbringing, where the worship of bulls is extremely popular.

Alternatively, in the Qur'an a man named Samiri made the Israelite's to believe that the golden calf was the god of Moses. The name Samiri in relation to Moses, is only seen again in the Bahá'í Faith, where Samiri is a magician that leads people away from 'knowledge and justice'.

Could the same golden calf god Moloch be the Owl of today?

Bohemian Club Owl, California


The Bohemian club hell raisers from California identify their idol to be of Babylonian roots, referring to histories Babylonian empire. During Egypt's 18th dynasty pharaoh, Thutmose III rule, the Babylonion empire was under the reign of the pharaohs god Amun. History depicts biblical Moses to be this 18th dynasty's 6th pharaoh, and it is during this time that this calf deity came in the form of Moloch and even by some Egyptian sects as Apis.

Thutmose III = Moses

We see similar patterns of the abolition of bull worship in the 11th dynasty, where the Egyptian god Montu was replaced by Amun. The god Montu, sometimes depicted with a hawks head or a man with a bulls head, was described as a solar war god that would manifest as a raging white bull with a black face. The 'raging bulls' was the name given among the top generals of the 11th Mentuhotep dynasty. This Egyptian god Montu is represented by the Egyptian hieroglyphic for M, which is of course the owl:



It should be noted here that rapper Drake was once sued by a jeweler named Michael Raphael, who filed a lawsuit claiming OVO was knocking off replicas of a diamond studded gold owl, that he created for them. However OVO's defense was that the symbol 'is based on an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph', asking the judge to drop the case. This not only showed Drake's awareness of his choice of owl, but revealing his mad obsession for an owl, is in fact, a symbol for the great golden solar bull cow.
'The jeweler Baden Baden Inc. (owned by designer Michael Raphael) filed the lawsuit, claiming Drizzy hired the company to make a custom diamond-studded platinum owl pendant back in January ... and paid $49,204' - TMZ
The names of Egyptian gods have always gone through name changes throughout time, but their abbreviations, meanings and behaviors have always helped observers to point back to their origins, and the names Molech, Moloch, Montu, Menthu sound and look very familiar, not to mention their representations by the Egyptian owl and the bull.(*A1)

Could this ancient bull be the source of Drakes success?

Drake invocation of Moloch during OVO festival 


Apis was also a bull god which was worshiped for over centuries when Memphis was capital of Egypt in the Old Kingdom. Apis the bull has similar demands, rewards and attributes as Moloch, not only is Apis colored white with a black upside down triangle on its forehead, similar color figuration as Moloch as a bull, but Apis was given offerings for rewards of long harvests, he was a protector of the dead and a war god.

Bronze figure of Apis, the sacred bull. (British Museum)

Apis worship was around during the 18th dynasty in neighboring cities of Egypt such as Thebes, this could see Moloch as a variation of Apis taken by Canaanites, perhaps to hide its origin and even to have their own bull diety, as the worship of the Apis bull goes back to the 2nd dynasty, where Apis was such an adored god, that bulls were chosen to represent Apis, and once a bull would die, they would mummify the bull in its own sarcophagus and mourn for 70 days. The history of Apis is so profound, that it even was described as being born of a virgin cow.

The worship of Apis was so prevalent that even after Amun was appointed as the new god in the 11th/12th dynasty, at some point the 18th dynasty picked up on the worship again, to where the last known Apis cow burial was found during the 18th dynasty done by Thutmose I.

It was during the 2nd Dynasty that the pharaoh Raneb Kaiechos was said to have introduced Apis worship, which remained the main god of worship in the capital Memphis for 6 centuries. Raneb Kaiechos believed that Apis was the manifestation of the god Ptah, a creation god, that is known to have created itself through thought, and it soon became one of the 5 main gods of Egypt.



Ptah origins come from the controversial 1st pharaoh of the 1st dynasty Menes, who was said to have made up a new god in honor of his establishment in Egypt when he built the capital city Memphis. The god was to be named Ptah, which was to signify self creation and creator of all other gods and a great craftsman. This move was said to be political, financial and for religious reasons. Ptah was depicted as an intelligent god that was green skinned and was pushed as a god that was superior to all the others.


Ptah was known as the great craftsman that created the floor of heaven and the roof of the sky, he was also known as the 'lord of truth'. These attributes of a self creator, self god, craftsmanship, all knowing, holder of light/truth are very similar to the Freemasons theology and that of the black magicians Lucifer.


However Ptah may not just be a mad pharaohs conjured up imagination, as Ptah goes back to Sumerian mythology dating before Egyptian, where Ptah was known as Enki from the Annunaki alien race, a god that created the humankind with the blood of the god Kingu. Humans were to be the servants of the gods in keeping creation working and in some myths made to mine gold.

Annuaki tablets

'Beginning circa 18,420 B.C.E. Ptah became the first king of Egypt and was known as the “Creator God, "A very great god who came forth in the earliest times." He undertook great works of land reclamation and dyking -- thus explaining Egypt's nickname, "The Raised Land".

Ptah/Enki was a "God of Heaven and Earth", and considered to be a great engineer and master artificer. His base of operations, according to legend, was on the island of Abu (now called Elephantine on account of its shape), located just above the first cataract of the Nile, at Aswan. His symbol was the serpent. He and the other gods came from Ur (Sumer).  
The name, Ptah, has no meaning in Egyptian, but in Semitic, it means "he who fashioned things by carving and opening up."

Enki from Enki tablets

Could it be that Drakes golden bull god be the representation of the 'engineer' of all humankind, an alien god from planet Nibiru of the Annunaki?  

Drake, Jew

As we return back to Aubrey Drake Graham we will end on his current faith, we should be reminded that his religion is that of Judaism, and as a practicing Jew, the old testament, the Torah, is his life and blood that he must read everyday as if it gives him breath. In Judaism religion, the central texts are derived from the Babylonian Talmud, a collection of historic writings from sages that teaches the hopeful soon to be Rabbi, about passing over his children into the fire of Molech.

So is Drake throwing children and dead babies into a giant fire whilst praising his great Egyptian owl god Moloch, in return for material riches, bad bitches and power in the great beyond?

Why not? Drake is on another level physically, mentally and spiritually because of his handling. He has chosen his path through the knowledge and experience that has been brought for him, thus his perception of reality is reflected in the life he lives and influences on to others. The life he chooses to influence to you, is beyond demonic in nature and he does not hide it, This person, a human being, is no longer here for this Earth, what he believes is your destruction as he kamikazes with the LORD devil himself. It's a choice, and he is to, cloud your judgement.

And here is Drake contributing in the empire of his magical god Moloch.

The great bull of New York's Wall Street (2015) the bull of our financial oppressors.



(Apis name in hieroglyphics is Hapi, and this meant 'the hidden', this may denote the new age meaning of the owl, as the reason of the current representation of Moloch, since many theorists point out that the owl means one that is wise, hidden, works in the dark and things of that manner, which then relates the owl's symbolic representation of the Greek goddess Athena and as the demon Lilith as the god of the elite, because she had owls as pets. Lilith comes from Jewish Kabbalah mysticism, however her origins fall in line with the Egyptian god ISIS.

Every symbol and meaning up to this point has had Egyptian representations and must be perceived in this way, especially when most of the Egyptian gods and history was altered and misrepresented by the Greek empire as we know it today to be Greek mythology.)



(Babylonian Talmud)



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