Wiz Khalifa embraces Satanic Occult

Here are some daunting images of our favorite weed rapper Wiz Khalifa revealing to us what he really is all about, if the music wasn't enough for you then maybe this subtle show of affiliation might help put the pieces together.

This is a good opportunity to point out the occult symbolism, to help for those who want to be aware of what is around them and who associates themselves with what. This will help to understand the circles, a person of interest, is in or even what a corporation stands behind.

The first picture that you can see above is our friend Wiz Khalifa wearing a green jacket covered with symbolism, now you can say he may not be aware, or he is aware but is doing it for show or he just really likes the jacket, but for someone to bravely wear this jacket and publicize themselves means there is an agenda behind it.

Notice the first symbol on our left side:


The earliest Christian Symbol, prior to the adoption of the Latin Cross, was the Labarum. This symbol has a very early provenance, since it is believed to have been an adaptation of the Egyptian ankh and was also the symbol of the Sun God, Mithras. In this case, it appears enclosed in a wheel. the Labarum proved a handy device for bridging the gap
between Mithraism (the favored religion of the Roman soldiers) and Christianity.

Not only does the symbol contain the first two Greek Letters of Christ's name (hence it is also known as the "Chi Rho" or the "Monogram of Christ" but it was given immediate prominence when Emperor Constantine saw the symbol in a dream. Constantine was a major figure in the spread of Christianity, the first Imperial Emperor to adopt the new religion. 

So the first symbol going by its origin shows Wiz Khalifa embracing the Sun God known as Mithras.

On the back of the jacket we have the Pentagram, which we talked about in a previous post, (you can click on the word for its meaning) but its good to see the pentagram not being inverted as opposed to the satanic version, however pentagrams still have the symbolism of ritualistic gateways and also the power to empower the user.

Now the Double cross on our right is known as a Cross Lorraine:

Essentially a heraldic device used by the dukes of Lorraine, the Cross Lorraine is a vertical bar with two horizontal bars equally spaced apart at either end. However, this cross is used elsewhere too. In the catholic Church the cross signifies rank of cardinal, and in renaissance alchemy it was used as a symbol of spirit and matter. Additionally the Cross Lorraine is used to denote one of the degrees within Freemasonry. During the Second World War it was adopted by the French Resistance as their secret symbol, an emblem to stand in opposition to the swastika, which had been rendered sinister by the Nazis, and lost for a time its meaning as a positive Sun Symbol.

You can also see to the bottom right, the Cross with the Sun behind it, this is another Catholic symbol but rendered by Freemasonry giving it a relation to the Sun God Deity.

Now the symbol in the center of the jacket, with the wings, looks very familiar to the Crux Dissimulata, this is a symbol that is very difficult to obtain over the web, however the meaning of it is to "disguise" it was used as a secret symbol by early Christians and also in a rallying call for adherents to the new and dangerous faith. However, with the feathers as part of the symbol this image now becomes closely related to Egyptian mysticism alongside the Farohar which is a Zoroastrian symbol meaning "to choose" and also the 1 layer of feathers can mean the ascendance, flight, communication with the spirit realms and element of air. This symbol is so uniquely drawn that it can be a combination of meanings, this is why all 3 meanings as described can attribute to this one symbol.

Now there were many more symbols on the Jacket that Wiz Khalluminati was wearing, and you can see the full video here to see more of the symbols:


You can clearly see from the meanings of the majority of the symbols that this jacket is based on the Egyptian mysticism which the Freemason have fully embraced. You can see the Ankh in the pic above.

If you would like to know the meaning of them all, definitely try to research yourself, if not leave a comment and more articles on these symbols will surface on the site. I would like to leave you on a interesting camera shot of Wiz and his awesome new Jacket which he probably sleeps in because he loves it so much.

Now notice how firstly he has on the Egyptian Occult jacket of course, but this shot has cleverly been taken so that the inner jumper just shows the word "IN"

Now this perfect shot cannot be a coincidence, it can be easily interpreted that whatever Wiz has done or accomplished he is now truly "IN" whatever "social" club he's been trying to get in, if you know what that means.

Is Wiz Khalifa moving up higher in the occult ? What do you think ?

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12 December 2012 at 06:34

Satanic Goat of Mendez inside the Pennsylvania Keystone in Kalifa's "Black & Yellow" video as well, with a small child doing the devil horns.

29 March 2013 at 16:21

bring more...this article is awesome...let the kids see wht they listen to
God Bless

30 June 2013 at 23:53

Umm I think it weird how you call true African spirituality demonic..well sorry we all don't embrace a religion designed to enslave given to us by our former slave owners..

10 September 2014 at 01:00

i am waiting for more article. jacket design and color cutting is to great in picture. aiden pearce trench coat

6 August 2016 at 05:16

Do you think slavery didn't exist in ancient African cults (as in ancient European cults)? You are a very desillusioned person! I would call demonic any religion that makes blood sacrifice. Open your eyes, racial revenge, and lack of knowledge blind you.

9 March 2020 at 05:10

Exceptionally valuable information. Want to see more posts soon!. Egyptian Occultism

26 January 2021 at 08:16

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