Rappers and Celebrities Who Believe in Numerology and Astrology

When researching this topic, it was definitely not an easy task to find celebrities who outright spoke openly about their belief or brief encounters with numerology, even more so impossible to find any celebrity or famous person to speak on Gematria.

The reason why is explained in the video, which is simply that it's not mainstream, and the reason why it's not mainstream, is because it would force people to get acquainted with the esoteric world, and the mainstream media, controlled by syphilitic psychopaths, have no intention in publicly welcoming the world to the esoteric, no let's leave that to Joe Rogan, right?

Imagine the media's top spokesperson Oprah Winfrey openly discussing Gematria and how it has helped her life, the Christian world will be in uproar calling for her head. It's a strange world we live in, where religions vigorously talk about 'devils' and 'angels' but it's all metaphoric and out of reach, until death, maybe.

However, don't feel all to special just yet, you have not been initiated into a secret cult against
mainstream belief, aka the BS westernised world we live in, no, because we are seeing a huge dimensional shift, in celebrities being more open about their spirituality and their encounters with 'the universe' and 'destiny', (that's the buzz word/pr created propaganda they use), and from my personal experience in 'watching the world', this ploy was inevitable, because of people like Joe Rogan and Youtube, where people are speaking about their [insert hallucinogenic drug] trips and have come to the conclusion that they saw outer world entities (scary).

With that kind of roller coaster heading straight to the federal reserve, the think tanks at the top of our engineered society knew, spirituality had to be implemented into our life as a norm, before it could be used as a weapon/religion (because religion is a great tool for control, watch book of eli), and the proof is when celebrities are openly talking about this stuff. Just like how we all knew about Epstein Island, but until a celebrity talks about it, it's not true, in fact there is no Epstein, am I right?

Yes, it's all about control but what is it that they are controlling? Knowledge and they have shown us how difficult it is for them to handle the secrecy, because eventually all of this stuff comes out, their job then is to try and dictate how it lands on our doorsteps, are you a follower of my site? It was 2 years ago I spoke and made a video on the rise of women, because it was on it's way, and 2 years later we now have #metoo and women empowerment where calling yourself a slut is empowering.. do you see what they did there? They knew it was coming so they twisted and dictated how it would arrive, now the rise of women is all about being equal to men.. Sexually.

So once again here I am, letting the world know what's next, so get into Gematria the right way, (because its coming) before you get into it their way. So my advise here is not to follow the new agers (god do I hate new agers, I really want to start a discussion on how new agers are the enemy) and instead learn how Gematria was used in history, that is your best bet in surviving whats coming.


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