Jay-Z & Young Jeezy Wear Shirt with Satan having Sex with Jesus?

Rapper Jay-Z, who has already been seen wearing the infamous Aleister Crowley hoodie, is back at it again but this time even worse, as seen above with fellow rapper Young Jeezy, Jay is wearing a hoodie with the image of Satan as a human with horns sexually abusing Jesus on an alter.

Jay-Z has since resigned as Def Jam president and rapper Young Jeezy took his place, and of course the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree as Young Jeezy was recently spotted wearing a hoodie with the exact same image that Jay-Z had.

The bigger blow out is the image from Young Jeezy's hoodie, the insert is a blow out of Jay-Z's. 
Here you can see a pale man in the image of Jesus being held by a devilish looking man in a red robe, in Jay-Z's the man has a red horn on his head. Jesus seems either in pain or unconscious with his legs being held up as the sinister man is prioritized around Jesus' genitals, the stake can be seen underneath, further clarifying the pale man's identity.

However, this cropped image is actually part of a larger picture, In fact this is a painting created by esoteric artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and is called 'The Entombment of Christ' re-living the moment Jesus was buried after his crucifixion.

In folk lore the closest that Jesus and Satan have ever come in contact sexually would be the Nazi Theology that Satan had sex with Eve, this being the forbidden fruit, for then Eve to give birth to twins Cain and Abel. However, in the Bible it does say 'And Adam knew his wife
and she conceived and a son was born whom she named, Cain.' to continue saying 'Eve again bore a second son and named him ABEL." This show's that Adam had intercourse with Eve and bore not one child but 2, meaning Eve had twins.

This is where the Nazi/Satanic Theology comes in where after Eve had sex with the 'Serpent', she went to show Adam the
'forbidden fruit' (showing Adam how to have sex). Soon after they were kicked out of Eden, Adam went in to his wife again, and this time giving birth to Cain & Abel.
'In recent years, the medical world discovered a reproductive phenomenon known as"TWINNING". This is when a woman can become pregnant with twins that come from two seperate fathers. 
This rare occurance would happen if a woman has sexual intercourse and is impregnated by MALE #1, then 1-4 days later she has sexual intercourse with MALE #2 and conceives a second child in her womb. Now let's return to Genesis in light of this knowledge.'
The Nazi's believe that Twinning is what Eve went through, saying that she gave birth to Satan's son Cain and Adam's son Abel as twins. Cain later killed his brother Abel, becoming a murderer, then to further lie to God in the Bible that he didn't know Abel's whereabouts just after killing him. Cain was exiled from Eden where he traveled to the land of Nod creating his empire, however 3 generations later, came Noah and his ark and the complete flooding of all humanity.

This is where the Nazi teachings dispute the Bible's, saying that Cain's Line survived the Great Flood and the Jews and the blacks are the true children of Satan's
'serpent seed.' It was none other than Hitler who pioneered this belief, and that it was his task to:
 'cleanse' the earth of the 'serpent seed', the Aryan super gods would return to earth, set up the Golden Age of Mankind and anoint Hitler as "king of the world."' 
This dark doctrine was not only the motivation for the Holocaust, it will again be the catalyst for Antichrist to lead a Second Holocaust against Christians. (Rev:13). Ultimately, The Beast will teach that all who reject 666 have tainted, corrupted DNA, "Serpent Seed" and must be eliminated to purify the human race."
This was just but one of the causes and motive's of Hitler's reign, which then further ties into the coming of Nephilim and other controversial theories.

Will these rappers continue to deny their allegiance to Satan and his Devils, or is denial and secret coded communications part of their Satanic practice? Nevertheless, embracing the Death of Jesus as a form of glorification cannot be a positive form of worship, can it? What sort energy does this image bring forward?

Mike Will, 2013

source: click here

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24 May 2014 at 09:25

This is Jesus with Nicodemus holding his legs and John holding his torso, Satan is not in the picture, a lie.

13 August 2014 at 00:41

You're absolutely crazy, none of what you claim is reality. Please look at the actual painting before making a fool of yourself.

21 October 2015 at 06:04

You cant see that he distorted the picture to mean someting different? jz says he isnt even spiritual so why where this?? im done with him

18 June 2019 at 13:32

Neither Jesus nor Satan even exist, but I'll tell you this: if they did, getting ass-raped by Satan isn't even a tenth of what that POS deserves.