Why Mercury 2017 December Retrograde is The Worst For Non-believers

This year in 2017 an amazing event is happening, this is the retrograde of Mercury. From December 3rd, Mercury will be having it's biggest hangover, as it slows down and appears to stop and spin backward! Though it baffled ancient stargazers, we know now that retrograde motion is an illusion caused by the motion of Earth and these planets around the sun.

Earth's axial tilt actually oscillates between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees. The reason for this changing obliquity angle is that Earth's axis also wobbles around itself. This wobble motion
is called axial precession, also known as precession of the equinoxes. It is caused by the gravitational force from the Sunthe Moon, and other planets.

This event has caused many enthusiasts to give reason to the madness that happens in everyday life, from miscommunication, to car accidents and even some stargazers have opted to stay indoors for the entire December month.

What's even more exciting about this event is that the Earth's moon will come in attendance wearing nothing but it's birthday suit, as it's a full moon on December 3rd! That full moon happens to be a supermoon. And it'll be in the Gemini zodiac, whose ruling planet is Mercury, it will enter its final retrograde period of 2017.

Does it get any deeper?

Unfortunately it does. Thanks to NASA we are aware of outer galaxy constellations, one being the Draco. This constellation of super stars are formed in a very peculiar manner, in such of a serpent!

Mercury retrograde 2017 starts on December 3 at 29° Sagittarius and ends on December 22 at 13° Sagittarius. Mercury stations retrograde on a fixed star called Etamin, the Right Eye of the Dragon in Constellation Draco. On it's own that is nothing that special but Mercury stationing direct on the Left Eye of the Dragon 19 days later certainly is. Draco Constellation will have a strong influence on the astrology of Mercury retrograde December 2017.

What many philosophical mad men have done, is link this particular constellation to the dragon almighty of the bible, we're talking about lucifer! They have said that this very constellation is the red dragon that holds to devour the child, that is to be birthed by the holy mary, as told by the bible. 

Even more so, if you want to disregard the bible bashers, i mean, look into the world encyclopedia you will find the Sumerians worshipped the stars, and in their works (paintings on the walls), we find them worshipping a dragon in the stars!

When the ancient Sumerian astronomers looked at the center of the northern night sky, they saw what they decided was a mythical serpent, a dragon, around which the other constellations appeared to revolve. This is the constellation 'Draco'. 
What evolved in Sumer that was so successful and became so ubiquitous was a hierarchical societal structure whereby a small group of elite priests and kings ruled over the rest of the populace. 
This concept, along with other hallmarks of Sumerian culture, notably the idea of an elite embed with the divine, having right to rule, spread - to the Indus Valley and from there to China, to Egypt and to the Levant (modern Israel-Lebanon-Syria) and northern Mesopotamia, to places as far flung as Ireland, and eventually to Anatolia (modern Turkey), Thrace, Greece, and the Black Sea region.  

This so called ancient knowledge has been passed down through high kings and priests, 
that we see it in our modern society today!

So what does it all mean as we enter 2018?

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