Tyler The Creator Needs Time For God

I've been lucky enough to experience the rise of Tyler The Creator from the beginning, and when i say that, i mean from the release of 'Yonkers'. Going through the archive of Tyler's music at that time, it was very cringe worthy, because the dude talked a lot about kidnapping girls and locking them up in dungeons to do goodness knows what, and a lot of role playing, where he took on the enigma known as 'goblin' and it all became demonic in nature.

But, was the young entrepreneur a genius? (i mean in my eyes he is the originator of all the weird ass rappers which gives him a lot of credit), or was he just a young kid using rap as a form of therapy? Well either way, he became very infamous for it, I mean the dude is banned from 3 countries.

A to Z son of Abraham has always been a weird dude, a man who preached the good gospel and is somehow able to have access to the stars to ask them dumb awkward questions about the good gospel, and we all know none of these rappers are about it, so why does it seem like they have to do these interviews?

Z son of Abraham is with the press and his history is a little foggy on the outside. He ran a film company called AktivnLa which also signed artists, AktivnLa was literally everywhere in LA and it was another originator of the very prominent DVD and video mixtape era of Hip Hop and Hollywood and much more!

When the two get together, Z son of Abraham gets Tyler in a sticky situation where he backed Tyler into a corner to where admitting to God was the only way out, and we would have to deduce that from how Tyler desperately wanted to avoid answering the question, that this topic is a hot one for Tyler. We see Tyler avoiding direct questions with some what reasonable answers, but in the specific moment where Abraham trapped him with the question about 'asking god to come to you', Tyler literally shat his pants.

Good ole Ab-Soul broke the ice in a way it gives the phrase a whole new meaning, when you watch how it happens on que like a movie, literally the devil is in the details, another phrase that gives this video its meaning.


Being a fan of a lot of these people as persons it's interesting when you find out how little or how much celebrities do know about everyday politics and life in general. Tyler the Creator is a person that works on art and creativity, i'm sure the guy would define himself as something more personal, but it is the humans foundation to express, and Tyler does this very well and has even grown in maturity and in personality, it's fantastic to see that in his music.

So does Tyler believe in God or the Devil? At this time, it seem's Tyler is more focused on the corporate side of the cash flow, and this place only has one God.

But hey, i guess we are all just dumb christians and n** right.

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