Wiz Khalifa - Satans Drug Dealer

Now i've gotten a lot of heat from this video, mostly positive but almost as equal in negative, so my explanation to those who watch it, Wiz Khalifa, like most, is a puppet. Not only is he aware that he is apart of a satanic occult but 100% he is aware of the damage he causes to his "followers" or fans i should say.

By promoting drug use through marijuana he sets of a snow ball effect, where his fans who are already smokers, feel that there is no longer a need to have shame or hide what they do, in return new fans will see smoking as an exquisite delight and will take on smoking and then friends of the fans who are not necessarily wiz khalifa fans will take on smoking through peer pressure, and it just continues.

Now we are not saying marijuana is bad, there are many health benefits and proven facts that it is not dangerous at all, which is true, HOWEVER, it is still illegal in many states and federal law prohibits its
use. Having it illegal, encourages gang culture and violence, because there is a demand for it in an illegal market, therefore it cannot be regulated and thefts, over charging etc. obviously cannot be reported. This is explained in greater detail in the video.

Now for the big one, does wiz khalifa traffic drugs? By understanding the gang culture within drug trafficking and then comparing that to wiz khalifa's movements, you will see many similarities, with not only him but other artists that he affiliates himself with. Wiz Khalifa was arrested for having huge amounts of drugs (Not only marijuana) on him as well as a charge for trafficking, the police do not just slap on charges on you for the fun of it, otherwise he would of had more charges on him, like the intent to supply etc, however, the police only charged him for what they caught him doing in that moment, further they would of carefully watched him for a period of time before jumping on him for the arrest.

Drug trafficking is at an all time high in the Hip Hop industry, as you may be aware the MONEY in Hip Hop is no longer what it used to be and rappers need to make up that money somehow, because this industry DOES NOT PAY.

As mentioned in the video, you will not see wiz khalifa on a street corner, because he is TRAFFICKING to SATAN, which means his product is the faeces of demons which he snorts to get mighty high to channel his inner coconut and perhaps a bit of salad into his real life,

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21 November 2011 at 18:53

There is no such thing as the illuminati. The tshirt at 1:56 is froma clothing brand here is their website www.blasfome.com

17 December 2012 at 19:53

i wish you were right, then we can all sleep easy. I like the name of the tshirt company, blasphome, it sounds retro...

28 December 2012 at 06:40

so he promotes smoking weed, that aint bad!

1 June 2013 at 22:18

eu li e axei tudo nadave
e o video fico super nadave -.-

22 May 2014 at 15:33

Dave Blast you're an idiot. Look at the website itself: www.blasfome.com

What is it referring to? Blasphemy. BLAS FO ME Blasphemy GET IT? Hmm yes I hope so. http://www.gotquestions.org/blasphemy-Holy-Spirit.html

Obviously that brand is with Satan. Look they even have Satan on their shirts.

I suggest to all who read this to fear God before going to Hell. Are you stupid? Do you really believe there is no right or wrong (no sin?) and we these advanced spiritual creatures are just here for nothing? (And no I do not mean meditation with chakras, as I have experience with that too and that's of the Devil). We are all here because we sinned against God in heaven WITH the Devil and we were cast down to earth and put in these fleshly covers in order to obey again and get back into heaven when we die. If we can't do that, we go to Hell forever with Satan. It's that simple. Repent now. Also while you're at it check out the TRUE CHURCH OF GOD, FOR JESUS HAS COME BACK AND HE HAS A NEW NAME! http://usa.watv.org/

God bless and love. Goodbye.

13 May 2015 at 04:45

Sarcasm at it's best. ^ For real.

8 August 2017 at 10:17

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