Beyonce Worships Devil at Coachella Disguised as a Homage to Egypt's Black Roots

When I made this video, I did expect the typical backlash of being called a hater for this corny illuminati mess, but that was minimal compared to what actually happened, which made me realise that I have to lose hope for humanity in order to move on. Because slowly, as I'm sure you have also realised, is that, it's over, the sides have been chosen and we are now in a war.

The 'universes' recruitment phase is done.

Okay so what happened? Let's be as open as possible here, I have over decades worth of knowledge around this topic, and I didn't grow up as a victim of society, also I identify with my actual history and not what Beyonce, or whatever celebrity tells me is meant to be my history, I am one with my identity.

Why did I say all that? so you know where my conscious is.

Clearly from watching her performance, she paid homage to the worship of Baal, the father of the children of the Earth. The great architect that designed humans and the geometry of life. In order to show that, Beyonce revealed the Black Sun, now why is it black? It's code, to identify who they are referring to. How can you show a sun behind a sun? You cant! It will just be one big orb of light no matter how far back you step, so they do it this way to show that our sun is a mere shadow compared to the Sun that they really worship.

I explain everything in the video, to save time here, but one thing I could not show in the video is when the actual Sun came out and Beyonce started dancing to a remix of Soulja Boy Swag, and her
dance moves were rhythmic in the form of bowing down but disguised as the action of skiing. I hope I described that well because that footage they copyrighted, I mean the entire performance is up for grabs on Youtube, monetize away, but that skit with the sun worship, nope you can't have that!

So here is the list of complaints and arguments I had, mostly from new agers and they were all young black girls who adamantly defended Beyonce's nonesense, but here's the reason why I'm making this post, is because some actually don't care about Beyonce, but believed her homage to Egypt was on par with black history and it's roots, which I can't wait to get into, so before that here's the list:

- Beyonce was paying homage to school cheer leading bands
- Beyonce was paying homage to Nefertiti
- Beyonce was paying homage to Black Egyptian roots
- Since when was Egypt satanic?

I think that's about it actually. So lets start with Egypt.

- Egypt was run by multiple Dynasties.
- Most Dynasties had no relation to the previous but they did intermarry.
- The so called black rulers of Egypt was known as the Nubian Dynasty and they were the 25th Dynasty.
- The first Dynasty established in Mesopotamia, were by people not from Egypt. Now what you do want to research is what race those people were.

We can keep going, which we will. So back in those times, what did it mean to be the Pharaoh of Egypt? Let's make it easy for you.. right now our modern day Egypt is the Federal Reserve, the center of all money and trade, who rules the Federal Reserve? The Rothchilds etc. now do we like the Rothchilds? no we don't. So now think back to Egypt in those times, the people that control wealth and trade in Zion, do you think the people of the land liked them? So why do you?

How do we know this? Because when we look at the Egyptian Pharaoh's they were a corrupt communist system that believed they were gods and slept with their brothers and sisters in order to keep their bloodline in a tight circle. Sound familiar?

Now, there were agents within this system who wanted nothing to do with the Pharaoh and the beliefs of those psychopaths aka the priests, (for this context) enter Nefertiti and her husband Akhenaten who became King of the 18th Dynasty. Now without so much little detail (because those details are so important here I cannot stress how much I made a video on this) Akhenaten knew all about the worship of Apis and the god associated with the bull and he ended it for a second time, because it was ended in the 11th Dynasty before the corrupt leaders picked up on it again. I have a powerful video explaining this in full detail.

What is the worship of the bull? It is part of worshipping a collection of gods.

The campaign of Nefertiti was to remove this, to where there would be a monolithic worship, away from the worship of Horus and Osiris (who is the same person, you need to know that this worship is a branch of the mother, sun trinity worship, which is the practice of the king and queen having a child, which the child (boy) would then marry his mum becoming King continuing the cycle, this is the belief that the rulers of Egypt are gods and goddesses and therefore only a goddess can give birth to a god, this was known as the Right to Rule, which is still practised today by you know who)

When you know this kind of knowledge, and then to see young black kids trying to identify with this, you can imagine the volcanic eruption going on in my head.

So to keep on track with this topic, I want to point out that anyone trying to relate or identify with the Egyptians, is someone who hasn't really done open minded research, instead you were looking for what you wanted to hear, which led you to the Hebrew Israelites, right?

I mean when I was young I was told by Hebrew Israelites that the white devil blew of the noses of the Sphinx's because the noses were big like black peoples, so in order to hide black peoples history in Egypt they dynamited the noses, because the true history of black people lies in Egypt, and I totally believed this and signed on.

But after I grew up and gained some common sense, (and stopped trying to identity with anything remotely black) I found out that when a new dynasty took over the seat of Egypt they altered the shape of the Sphinx to look like themselves, in order to make their mark. The same reason we have hieroglyphics depicting contradictory stories because each dynasty wanted to tell their own story of how greater they were than their predecessors.

Right now the Hebrew Israelites have lost a lot of their following and credibility, mainly due to their practices being far from anything to do with Judaism, like their prestigious practice of 4 wife's.

As of now, Egypt is old news, do you know why? because they've found out that the Great Pyramid of Giza was erected way before any Egypt, we are talking about going as far back as 12,000 BCE before any of the current known human civilisations on this planet, so people relating with Egyptians makes absolutely no sense, and once again, the first Dynasty of Egypt, were migrants.

Now you see why I hate new agers.. Do us a favor and stick to your Kabbalah, which at the very top we find the OTO.

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14 January 2019 at 23:15

I believe in Jesus of Nazareth and I believe that Jesus of Nazareth iz the rizen Christ and the Sonne of the Living God and the onely true Saviour and I believe that Jesus of Nazareth iz the Living God the God of Abraham the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.

14 January 2019 at 23:16

16 June 2019 at 12:44

You have a VERY vivid imagination. You should hope you don't get SUED one day spreading this nonsense

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