Pastor Cioccolanti Believe's Donald Trump Is Biblical Cyrus The Great Reincarnated

Contrary to the Youtube post that hit over 300k views in just a week, Steve Cioccolanti doesn't hold a science degree, but this science report delivered by him on his microscopic discoveries deserves a Nobel Prize. Like most Trump supporters, Steve ignored the negatives and bombarded us with the positives of The Donald, giving the billionaire the Christian vote, stamped and approved by Steve's church Discover Ministries.

Steve seriously concludes from his years of burning the midnight oil, that the biblical scriptures spoke of the coming of a man that would have the exact scenario of our future leader Trump, he says this because he unveiled the true meaning of the story in Revelations, which he now holds hostage, as proof of his testimony, that Johns supernatural visions of trumpets, was an actual direct reference to Donald Trump. I too agree with Cioccolanti here, that when next time you see a word that is vaguely grammatically close or even may sound similar to the word Trump, in whatever context, is evidence that Trump is prophetic.

Steve is a smart man, because although he may be reaching beyond his limits, he still speaks a good game, throwing in a few non traditional view points to his christian audience, looking to the stars and planets for guidance and direction, whilst wearing the bulletproof vest known as the book of Luke, where he references signs in the skies, to defend his blatant pagan lies.

Now, there's nothing wrong with what Steve is doing, i mean this might be the only way to actually put some sense into the christian army, but just how deep is Steve looking out into the great beyond. This is the same man who stood as a witness, vouching for a 15 year old secular jew boy, called Nathan, who claimed he had a vision from god on the night of the blood moon 2016, showing little Nathan that Obama is an evil God called Gog, who will start world war 3. Unfortunately, the vision never reached the light of reality.

Steve is a very Jew happy Christian, a certified pastor allowed to practice Jewish mysticism in his church, under the guise of Christianity, and not the kind that would allow him to say God's people are the Jews so it makes sense, i'm talking about his voyages into Gematria, Theosophy and other Talmudic practices.

Oh Steve, what have you gotten your little ass into.

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10 March 2018 at 17:18

I am the holy spirit , I am here with answers , Donald Trump Elon mask Jim Carey Ellen degena.. opera .. God told me how to do it but nobody listens to me ,,, help need pleaseee