This topic seems to be widely overlooked, i say this because we still allow Chinese imports of food to be used by huge conglomerates of the food industry, as their main source of product. No matter how many McDonalds adverts claim that the meat and dairy products are home grown (wherever Mcdonalds home is?), we still find countless of news articles that say under covers found faeces, dead matter and flesh eating bacteria on the produce of these food companies, and when we take a look at where the meat came from..

China is a beautiful country, when you ignore the governments strangle hold on life, China is one of the freest countries in the world, huge open space, natural habitats are left to thrive, its truly an amazing land, one of it's biggest growth in GDP is due to agriculture, (and minerals) so you can expect
there's a lot of farmers in China. So what's up with the food?

Like anything non-chinese in China, it's under heavy scrutiny, and China has an obsession with mass production (money), to the point that with the help of Japanese scientist they produce food alternatives, in layman terms, man made food. Now, they do this not solely to keep up with supply and demand of western worlds, but their deep hatred for mankind goes way back to the 10th century, when China had their ten kingdoms full of royal inbreds and foot binding was a big thing. They would bind the feet of their precious prostitute dancers, in order to alter their feet so that they looked cute, small, childish, boyish and more desirable when the royals would engage in their rape fests.

Now, the main reason for foot binding, was to prevent the badly treated courtesans from running away, this was the sole purpose. Now in 2017, we are still seeing a covert operation of foot binding 2.0, and this is done through the food. Not only is Chinese food ridiculed with the dangerous additive MSG, (which destroys your nervous system) but we find a lot of their food genetically modified, not just by cross breeding with other foods, but mixed with dangerous plastics and bacteria. Real food in China is so scarce that they now even... well I think you get the gist of it.

Best is too not buy chinese food when you are not in China, and if you are in China learn chinese (mandarin).

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