Top 10 Books BANNED by AMAZON, Now Rare $2.5m Book STOLEN

The top 10 books banned by Amazon have just been listed and there have been over hundreds of books pulled of the shelves, these books will no longer be available on Amazon online or on their Kindle books. When we look at the books being taken off, a lot of them are material that denounces a particular history, that has never been questioned before. All these books denounce the credibility, of 6 million jews being killed, instead more like a number in the thousands.

Looking at Hitlers belief and his stand points politically and in everyday matters, we identify him as a man who believed in Talmudic teaching and alien conspiracies. Not only are there thousands of articles about his ventures into the supernatural realm but his ancestry stems from the Rothschild bloodline, the forerunners of Zionism.

Why have these books, be it truth or ideology been targeted, well lobby groups from the AIPAC institute have been targeting Americans way of life since its inception, and one controversial arm of the organisation is the Anti Defamation League (ADL), who have also attacked the christian bible, specifically the new testament, claiming the bible has put guilt over the jewish community for the acts of their forefathers against jesus, therefore the story of the death of jesus, should be reviewed in its contribution to the way forward of humanity.

The ADL, run by Abraham Foxman, is seen here in such pleasure to hand the accepted award by Turkish president Erdogan for his country saving key jews during world war 2. We have seen the Turkish Ottomon empire be more involved in today's world politics, attacking militants in Syria, a move that favours the americans and the sauds. We point out in this video that the biblical beast is still very much alive today.

On January 29 2017 three raiders climbed onto the roof of the warehouse in Feltham near Heathrow, west London, drilled through skylights and abseiled 40ft down while avoiding motion sensor alarms. The raiders apparently prised open four containers and checked the books against stock lists, discarding the ones they did not want. Antiquarian books worth as much as £2 million, including some of the most important works of the Renaissance period. A 1566 copy of De revolutionibus orbium coelestium, the seminal work by the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, worth an estimated £215,000, is thought to be the most valuable item stolen. Editions of the works of Galileo were taken, including a 1565 illustrated edition, and 16th-century editions of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Ferdinand IV of Naples, and a copy of Jacobus de Forlivi’s scientific tract (after Giacomo Della Torre) De intensione et remissione formarum c.1476-77, with marginal notes and calculations by three contemporary hands. They had retail prices of €38,000 and €58,000 respectively. The person in charge of looking after the books Alessandro Meda Riquier, who says the stolen books belonged to three dealers one from London, Italy and Germany.

The police have no leads, and currently there is speculation that the burglars hacked emails to gain access to this information. The books could now be sold on the black market for higher prices, even the heist itself could have been for the benefit of a benefactor.

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