Youtube Bans Another Viral 400k Anti-Semitic Donald Trump Video

A popular Youtube Donald Trump video that highlighted the 45th presidents connections to Jewish elite mafia and the federal reserve directors, has been banned by Youtube for allegedly violating its terms and services, more specifically for violating Youtubes policy on hate speech.

The viral video went live in August 2016 and quickly hit over 200,000 views by November, during the presidential campaign and final poll vote. By the end of December the videos popularity hit a staggering 300,000 views, such a short time for an unknown Youtube channel. The channel known as TruthPerfected is an alternative news media platform that dwells into the mysterious and conspiracy of the human race and spirituality.

Its no surprise then that the banned video Donald Trump The Satanic Jew from Khazar was filled with speculation that Donald Trump is an elitist Jew that works with the 1 per cent to take control of the world and move America forward into the New World. The video begins with a montage of Trumps notorious quotes on making America great again, whilst an edited devils head replaces Trumps own.

The video officially starts by uncovering Trumps Jewish ancestry, his family and associates being Jewish. It even boldly presents Trumps closest business partners and mentors as of Jewish faith such as Roy Cohn, with violent and corrupt backgrounds, that sound like it came from a plot from Goodfellas.

We get an inclusive background check and even witness testimonial from a high ranked official Rabbi, on Trumps most influential business partner Felix Sater, being an Italian mafia top dog, working in high levels of national security in government, we quickly get a picture of Trumps roots.

The video finally ends by giving a crash course on the faith of the Jews from the Jewish Talmud, and this dark and sinister religious practice is the reason why having Donald Trump as our president may not be for the good, as a man's work is in his faith.

By January 2017 this controversial video hit over 390,000 views, when president Trump was sworn in Inauguration, giving the video much more exposure, despite the owners appeal of it being all factual and documented, it has been banned off of Youtube due to hate speech and TruthPerfected currently awaits their response in appeal. Show your support and get the truth out.

This comes at around the same time popular Youtuber Pewdiepie got in trouble for his anti-semitic video, where he paid 2 foreigners £5.00 to show up a sign stating death to all Jews, which went viral and was seen all around the world. The two foreigners got banned from and Pewdiepie's relations with Disney and Youtube associates was severed, becuase The Wall Street Journal forced the two Jewish dominated and owned companies to cut ties with Pewdiepie as these companies may be seen as being supportive in Pewdiepie's views. Pewdiepie has since come out and responded that his video was a joke and had no intent or political motives.

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