The True Evolution of Man

In this video the main principle is the Jungian theory, this theory looks at the male psyche in its view towards attraction to the female. It describes women as a spiritual intruder to man. We break down this inexplicable theory to adapt to human evolution as of today, and discern that a number of behavioural attitudes that are relative in the male, foresee the possible progression of males relations with women, as explained in the theory by Carl Jung. (1917)

We look again at the psychology of men and what makes them think and do as they will, as opposed to the female way of thinking, we quickly learn that the male psychology is an isolated entity of the female mind, which as adapted as the male is born. The theory of human spiritual evolution to become one comes to mind when becoming whole. In this context, for the male to complete an aspect of his spiritual ascension, he must become one with his femininity, as this entity in part, anatomically, psychologically and physiologically is not present. Leading to the males effort only to access what surplus of the female mind is contributed in male development, and the idea of the female mind.

However, the Jungian theory explores the metaphysical elements of this male and female psychological indifference, and in the study of human alchemy, the male and female spiritual identity hold a difference that when combined become a new identity that is relative to spiritual ascension. Moreover, the Jungian theory, defines a process of stages that the male psyche bears when overcoming the difficulties of the lack of feminine identification.

Here we will endeavour to give meaning to this psychological battle in our every day to day lives.

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