MTV Jersey Shore scores 9 Million Dumbed Down Viewers

There are over U.S. 311,935,079 citizens and 8,707,739 of that live in New Jersey where the jersey shore tv series originated from. MTV the biggest users of implementing mind control into the general public has scored huge amounts of viewers not only up to 9 million for their hit show Jersey Shore but from other shows alike. The full list can be seen here:

MTV the GOD of SLAVERY: The Institute of Mind Control

" This was a Grand Scale FRAUD like ALL Music Video TV of Big Record Labels that began in 1981 using timed/repeated images/sounds with Neuro-Linguistic-Programming refined Monarch tactics to seduce and corrupt generations of young & older people alike unaware on TV that takes 3D Life on a flat screen to degrade people to see two dimensionally on the TV taken into lies and illusions to promote demonic delusions in different genres from Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Country etc. "

Lupe fiasco a Hip Hop icon speaks about how he was being ill treated by MTV and how they do not represent the perservation of artists and life instead the complete opposite:

There are many more accounts of not only Lupe fiasco speaking out but many other Hip Hop artists before him have spoke out.

This corporate whore, known as MTV, has direct contact with the loving nature of DEATH, and they are pushing out agendas through social programming by TELLING their viewers, TELLING your children what is socially accepted and how you should behave! How your SLAVE MASTER MTV is your GOD and dictates how you should behave from fashion to what music you should idolize, which corporate whores "artists" "actors" you should worship. They force and implement a attitude of SELF WORSHIP how the SOCIAL LADDER is the most valued aspect of a human life, and you should do anything and everything morally and spiritually WRONG to even be allowed to CLIMB this LADDER of DEATH.

They use these celebrities, who knowlingly know what they are doing, especially what they WILLINGLY do behind closed doors, and these jeresy shore RATS are not STUPID as MTV portrays them, they know what they are, and what they must do, to climb this ladder, and that is to STRIP the very essence of the human soul into a lifeless zombified SEX ADDICTED SLAVE! And our generation watch these people mindlessly, immitating everything they do where it now becomes a "norm" to be stupid and its now expected of woman and girls to be whores, this is the norm we are accepting.

Honestly, why do you watch Jersey Shore? because you want to see sex scenes, you want to see who is a slut, who behaves like a whore, who is going to cheat on who, how many woman will the guys sleep with this time, the sexual desire list goes on! What other possible reason can the youth of today be watching Jersey Shore? "because it teaches me how to be a responsible adult" ?

These celebrities from jersey shore to music "artists" to film directors and actors WORSHIP in conjunction (together) SEX and DEATH, they are mentally obessed with it! It dosent stop there, sex magic goes higher and becomes darker, the deeper you go into this occult of death! To find this you must now skip the entertainment roaches and go to the politicians and corporate business where the worship of sex now becomes demonic in every way.

These people wont allow you to go into an accelerating properous career in media without joining their occult of death worship and degrading yourself through sexual rituals and practices, and they know that the ultimate sacrifice before death is SEX, do not fall into the trap of "oh, sex is nothing, i use it to get what i want". NO it is them who use YOU to get what they want and after its all done, they throw pieces of green paper (money)on your face, like the slave whore that you are. And MEN dont think your excempt, homosexuality is the HEART of this sexual worship, it dont matter if your straight, YOU will comply!

No matter what fetishes or lust for sexual desire you have, you know deep in your heart that this sexualisation of the world is WRONG and it is going to destroy every part of your mind, there has been a huge increase in peadophillia and what do the police do? nothing! becuase now the police are involved in gang rapes and locking up woman on no charge, only that they wanted to RAPE them! and they get away with it! is this what your taxes are paying for?

Ask yourself why the Porn industry makes more money than all the entertainment industries combined, while at the same time NO ONE buys porn, its all free on the internet? Yet every year profits of up to BILLIONS go into the porno industry.

Who is funding Porn? and where is porn putting its INVESTMENTS?

MTV might know the answer...

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