Jay-Z & Young Jeezy Wear Shirt with Satan having Sex with Jesus?

Jay-Z & Young Jeezy Wear Shirt with Satan having Sex with Jesus?

Rapper Jay-Z, who has already been seen wearing the infamous Aleister Crowley hoodie, is back at it again but this time even worse, as seen above with fellow rapper Young Jeezy, Jay is wearing a hoodie with the image of Satan as a human with horns sexually abusing Jesus on an alter.

Jay-Z has since resigned as Def Jam president and rapper Young Jeezy took his place, and of course the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree as Young Jeezy was recently spotted wearing a hoodie with the exact same image that Jay-Z had.

The bigger blow out is the image from Young Jeezy's hoodie, the insert is a blow out of Jay-Z's. 
Here you can see a pale man in the image of Jesus being held by a devilish looking man in a red robe, in Jay-Z's the man has a red horn on his head. Jesus seems either in pain or unconscious with his legs being held up as the sinister man is prioritized around Jesus' genitals, the stake can be seen underneath, further clarifying the pale man's identity.

However, this cropped image is actually part of a larger picture, In fact this is a painting created by esoteric artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and is called 'The Entombment of Christ' re-living the moment Jesus was buried after his crucifixion.

In folk lore the closest that Jesus and Satan have ever come in contact sexually would be the Nazi Theology that Satan had sex with Eve, this being the forbidden fruit, for then Eve to give birth to twins Cain and Abel. However, in the Bible it does say 'And Adam knew his wife
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