Kat Williams destroyed by Zionist Media *UPDATED*


Kat WIlliams:

"Let me tell you what the dude at Target said. This is what the dude at Target said. 'Your assistant is already suing you, ol' p**sy a** n****r,'" Katt told a group of people at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. "I said, 'Did you just say the N-word in front of Katt Williams?.' He said, 'You say it all the time.' I said, 'Say it again and see what happens.' End of story. If you white and you call me a n****r, I'm gonna punch you in your motherf*cking face too. That's the same sh*t that drove Dave Chappelle out the f*cking business." (YouTube)

We recently put out the post of Kat Williams confrontation with the zionist media/ the law, as he has been in a lot of trouble from arguing with concert hecklers, to using cue sticks to fight in bars.

One of the people Kat Williams had a brawl, an employee from target store, has spoken out to CBS13 news network about the incident.

Target Security Staff employee, Forest Lemenberg speaks about Kat williams coming in to the shop to buy a motorcycle helmet, and then explains that Kat became rowdy and started coming at him to his face, in which after being insulted Kat Williams walks away but then for whatever reason Kat came back and hit Forest in the face.

This media piece is genuine fabricated artwork created by the Satanic Zionist media, they start of showing you a Mug shot of Kat to paint you the picture that this is a bad guy we're going to talk to you about.

They begin with a few extracts of Lt Anthony looking like the victim with quotes like "i was in no way the aggressor", then moving on to Kat Williams "Bizarre" incident in a "Bizarre" performance.

Now the best part of the interview, is when speaking on why the clash happened with Kat Williams, and he says it happened because Kat Williams didnt like the way Secruity Staff Forest

"put thought into the way he would sell on his own" 
Now to be honest, its difficult to understand the meaning of that, it can be deciphered as Kat Williams didn't like the way Forest the Security Staff was acting out his job most likely following Kat around the shop. It's difficult to get anything else out of Forest statement.

Before saying this he says that Kat Williams insulting him, but didn't say what he said, but from the body language fromForest it seems that most likely the comments were homosexual based.

Now there may be a reason why after walking away, Kat Williams returned back to hit Forest, it could be that Forest said something foul as Kat Williams was walking away.

Its interesting to hear Forest at the beginning of the News piece saying "I never knew who he was" and then at the end of the news piece he says people told him that Kat was famous and his got "loads" of money.

Now to be fair, i'm sure anyone who gets into an incident with a famous person, is going to sue them, because that equals huge pay day with a bonus of fame for 15 minutes.

But it is still obvious that it wasn't anyone around Forests camp, as there is no mention of Police telling Forest, which would of made more sense of how he found out. Also he "insists that it wasn't him who put out the Video on Youtube.

The news piece ends with another verbal painting of Kat Wiliiams incident in the bar fight, to further convince how much of a bad guy Kat Williams is, there's no siding for him and we don't need to hear his side of the story, as we've decided he is the bad guy.

Now what is the most interesting part of the story is that, orest got fired from the Target store, now we have no idea of why he got fired, he says "it could be because of the video leak" as Target has given no explanation on why they fired him. So this could be that Target store know that Forest was in the wrong...

We more predicted, that we will get a statement from Target saying they NEVER fired him, probably because when Forest found out his about to become rich, he quit.

Here's the full Video.

This is a sad case for Kat Williams, and you can see the Zionist Media completely destroying him in front of our eyes

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