Kendrick Lamar says Barack Obama has No Power, Forced to Retract Statement

Now since this video release, Kendrick Lamar definitely got the repercussions from his record label as they made him retract what he said in this video about how he is not going to vote. So they made him put out a new video encouraging everyone to vote and how important it is, which was exclusively put out on -this is 50 . com-. YES, that's how powerful the music industry is, if you didn't know.

It just goes to show not only how not in control of their puppets the music industry is but also how desperately the music industry need their puppets, as without them the industry is nothing, meaning that imagine how many of Kendrick's fans heard him say that and decided not to go out and vote, this would mean a huge decrease in the young black voters, as we all know that is the only reason
why Barack is in office, and this would again become a snowball effect where young voters would tell others how they are not going to vote and some will follow suit.

NOW imagine if a huge prominent figure came out and said they were not going to Vote!

Either way, whether your vote actually counts or not, (since the installment of electronic voting machines which are all rigged) its good to see the individualism of the young artist who clearly is not star struck by fame, hopefully we will hear more from the artist on such context again. Here is his video.

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