Tyler the Creator Exposed: illumanti child

This one is very easy to understand and im very happy that a lot of you understand it, Tyler the Creater is once again a puppet, because what he represents is exactly how the powers above want every living being to be like, an exact replica.

This is black gang culture but twisted with a latino satanic cult, and Tyler is showing his "fans" how they should behave in order to be a true fan that represents and is ready to die for the gang. This video explains exactly what tyler portrays and how it is not neccessarily all about Tyler but more of the Cultural Trend that he represents.

Its one thing to listen to the music, its another to be the music.

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29 January 2014 at 19:19

you cant say that because you don't know the story that he is giving in his music he isn't just saying murder rape etc. its driven by the insanity of a girl in his story he is telling in his music you should research some more before you go and say this you barley gave any evidence you basically you just sed yep illuminanti