Proof Rappers are NOT illuminati

There are huge speculations, better called hype, that certain rappers that display the devil sign or the notorious "W" hand sign are indeed a part of the illuminati, unfortunately this is not so.

These 3 heavy weight rappers are in no way connected in their musical gang, they have done music with each other but they are all bosses of their own music gang, however they are all posing with the same hand sign, this is a witches hand "W" to show members that they are a part of the secret witches occult

The false rulers of the world known as the anti-illuminati are such an exclusive governing occult group that only family bloodline members can be a part of this group and predominately these are white old men, who by all means are far from human. Of course they now have offsprings who are now in their prime ready to take over their families legacy, but it is the Old World Order that we the people are still being ruled under.

If there ever was a rapper directly part of the anti-illuminati they would be a white male with slick long hair with the posh-est british accent with bad ass accountants at his feet.

No the jonas jew is not a rapper but this is the closest to the description we could get, someone who comes from a rich background and takes the limelight spot with no work or effort

So what are the rappers apart of? well there are many branches of witch craft occult and these include, masonic occults, mystery schools..honestly there are so many to mention, try a quick google search on kappa sigma you will be surprised at the amount of top business men/women that came out from that occult...sorry...tradition.

What do these occult groups accomplish? well its not hard to figure out, but simply put it, you join, you learn, you start charities, you participate in ritual magic, you earn and when you look back, you realise the destruction you caused on so many through your missionary work. But by then you wouldnt have a conscience to really give a damn, especially with all that money and investers in your leyline.

Here is a 2 part video, with rappers talking about secret socities...

part 1

part 2

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