David Icke] What have you seen the Royal Family do, the Queen Mother and the other people you’ve seen at the rituals? What have you seen them do?

[Arizona Wilder] I’ve seen all of them drink human blood, and consume human flesh. And they have their own goblets, they have blood in these goblets which are encrusted with jewels. And they also have their own daggers. And the dagger goes into the goblet, and they stir the blood around with it.  But it’s also a symbol of the phallus going into the vagina when they are doing this. And I’ve seen them do this.  And some of them even have, like the Queen Mother had her own little, it’s almost between a very elaborate ornate chair or a throne kind of thing, brought in for her to sit.  Because before these rituals actually start, people move around the room and talk, or recognize one another. It’s a formal, kind of ritualistic setup the way they talk, and the way they’re introduced and introduce each other. It’s like a court.

[David Icke] What are they wearing?

[Arizona Wilder] They are wearing robes. They aren’t wearing anything underneath the robes.  And the robes are very ornate. The one thing in common they have is the red color, like blood.  And some of them have purple. And they have gold kinds of lines running through them.  They have the Merovingian symbol of France -- the fleur-de-lis -- and there are jewels that are sewn in at certain points on these robes.  And they wear these robes, but they don’t wear anything underneath these robes, because what is going to happen, what the rituals are all about, they are going to shape-shift.  And they can’t have anything on under the robes. And there are orgy kind of things that go on at the rituals also.

[David Icke] Involving the Royal Family of Britain?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes, involving the Royal Family of Britain.  And the sacrifice and eating of, consuming the sacrifice.  And they are involved in that.

[David Icke] You’ve seen them do that?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes, I have seen them do that.

[David Icke] People in Britain, listening to what you’re saying, would obviously be staggered -- I guess anywhere in the world -- but what would stagger them mostly is in Britain, the Queen Mother,
has an image of being the nation’s grandmother, the nice old lady, and good ole Queen Mum, what a lovely lady.  What’s your experience of the Queen Mother?

[Arizona Wilder] She is very cold in reality, and she is very cruel.  And she is very different than she comes across to the public. She’s cold-blooded. If she feels that you are someone beneath her, even in the Illuminati you’re not her equal, or your station is above her, she will not speak to you, she will not recognize you.  She obviously, from what I see, enjoys consuming human flesh. It’s sickening. The one person that she seems to be afraid of is Pindar.

[David Icke] People would also look at the Queen Mother’s elderly frail stature, and find it very difficult to see her taking part in rituals, and doing anything, if you like, active. Do they go into a different state in terms of age and strength, and all of these other attributes, when they actually shape-shift?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes.  The human body that they choose to occupy, or take when it was young, it ages.  But when they take the reptilian form, these reptilians live hundreds of years. And so they have to have taken more than one human body to live in. A lot of them are much much older, and I’m including the Queen Mother in this, older than people think that she is. She’s been in more than one body, human form. And when the time comes, if it is time for her to go on, and it’s still known that she has life or years to go, again, she will be put into the body, the essence of her and the reptilian form, the essence of her will go into another body that also has the ability to shape-shift into reptilian form.

[David Icke] One of the pure reptilian human blood lines?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes.

[David Icke] What happens when, take the Queen Mother as an example, what happens when they shape-shift? What do you see?

[Arizona Wilder] You start to see changes happen, and they are happening so fast that the closest thing I’ve seen to it is what they are now doing with computer technology. It’s just a literal transformation that happens very quickly. And they get taller, and they get bigger.  And they don’t look at all as reptilians as they do as humans. And thus the wearing of the robes, because if they were in clothes, the clothes would be torn apart.

[David Icke] So let’s take the Queen Mother on this subject as an example. We recognize her as a frail old lady. What does she look like when she shape-shifts at these rituals?

[Arizona Wilder] She looks like, the nose portion gets very much longer, and it grows into a snout kind of thing. She has fangs, incisors as teeth. There’s a tongue – they all seem to have this kind of tongue when they are at this level – the tongue has a lot of long, hairy, pointed projections coming out of it. It’s very long. And they don’t have hands or feet, they have these claws. And they have scales.  And also scales that seem to kind of disappear into one another, but it’s more pronounced on the back. There seem to be lumps or protrusions coming from the head. There seem to be some kind of growth, appendages on the back, and they seem folded. And not all of them have that. And there is a tail.  And a lot of times they will keep the tail curled. And I’ve seen her when she’s very displeased with something, as I’ve seen other members like this, this tail is whipped around, very agitated.  And she hisses.
[David Icke] What color are they?

[Arizona Wilder] Which one in particular?

[David Icke] Take the Queen Mother as an example.

[Arizona Wilder] She’s kind of a beige color on the underside, and by the time you’re going up around to the back, and the tail, and the top of the head, and on top of the nose, snout  -- whatever -- there are dark spreckles, or large spreckles, of dark browns. The eyes, usually, they’re large.  They are very round.  And they look like they are coming out of their socket, and very protruding.  And usually the color ranges from a beige, to a gold, to a dark greenish golden.  And there’s this dark slit up and down, a vertical slit. And the eyes will look hooded. And when they look hooded, it’s a very frightening thing because it seems that when the eyes are hooded, they are about to do something.

[David Icke] What do you mean by hooded?

[Arizona Wilder] The lids come down.  And I guess it would be the same thing in a human as an expression of, when someone’s got an idea.

[David Icke] And how tall are they when they shape-shift?

[Arizona Wilder] They are about seven feet tall. Some are a little shorter, to a foot shorter. Some are a little bit taller than seven feet.

[David Icke] So what would the Queen and Prince Charles look like in their reptilian form?

[Arizona Wilder] As to height?

[David Icke] As to general appearance.

[Arizona Wilder] Charles resembles, in both ways, in human form and reptilian, he resembles Pindar. He’s shorter though in reptilian form than Pindar. The way that the reptilian nose shapes into the snout, and at that point the jaw becomes the underpart, it’s very much like Pindar. And his mother doesn’t look quite the same as he does.

[David Icke] What does the Queen look like?

[Arizona Wilder] She’s darker, not quite so pale. She’s darker all over. She doesn’t have the amount of, I would call it freckling. It’s more like the skin is gradually getting darker. It’s more smooth. And she does have the lumps up around her head, and down the tail of the spine. Charles also has the tail down around the spine, and funny enough, he has the protrusions from the skull in reptilian form where right above it seems like his ears would have been.

[David Icke] What is it about the rituals that allow the shape-shifting to happen?

[Arizona Wilder] When the victims are about to start being sacrificed, it’s the scent of the blood. And they start shape-shifting at that point in time.  And they can hardly wait to get to the blood.  It’s like they’re addicted to the blood. And then the consumption of human flesh that follows.

[David Icke] What have you seen the Queen, or Royal family do in relation to that? Have you seen them sacrifice and consume human flesh?

[Arizona Wilder] There are certain times when they will actually do a sacrifice -- or there will have been someone doing a sacrifice --  and if it’s not happening fast enough for them, they will step in and finish it themselves.  Because the sacrifice ritual has to be gone through. Sacrificially, ritualistically, it has to have gone through.  And they will step right in, and just start tearing the throat out. And they are getting all of this blood from the jugular vein at the same time. And that has happened.  When there are many there that are going to be sacrificed, they just can’t wait to tear into the contents of the abdomen and stomach of the victim.
[David Icke] Who have you seen do that?

[Arizona Wilder] I’ve seen the Queen Mother do that, and Prince Philip, and Charles. I’ve seen Guy de Rothschild do this. It seems that I’ve seen it more among royalty, or so-called “royalty,” than people who are not titled.  It feels like they don’t dare.  But they shape-shift nonetheless.  But it’s the royals that step in and just start tearing away as they can hardly wait.
[David Icke] How long can they hold the reptilian form in these occasions?

[Arizona Wilder] During the rituals it’s much easier for them to hold their reptilian form. They can stay in that form. What they have a hard time holding is their human form. And as long as they are around blood, and the scent of blood, they can’t hold human form.

[David Icke] Where you do think the story of Diana fits into all of this in terms of the ritual you know about, the royal family background that you know about? What was that all about? What happened in Paris?

[Arizona Wilder] Diana was a ritual sacrifice, because she’s named after Goddess Diana. She was chosen from before birth for the purposes she served. I understand very well, and am very empathetic towards Diana, because in a way it parallels what happened to me.  To have served your purpose, had two children, and then be tossed aside. To her horror, although she obviously never attended a ritual, she knew something was happening. And she knew what was going on, and could not be trusted to be at a ritual anyways. And I don’t think Diana would have attended a ritual. I don’t think that they could get her to cooperate in this, because she actually saw for herself that this was going on after she married Charles.

[David Icke] Is there any way when Diana was married to Charles, without attending a blood ritual, that she could have seen him or one of the others become a reptile?

[Arizona Wilder] They have a tendency when they are asleep to shape-shift. And they have to consciously hold their form.  And when they’re asleep, they have a tendency to not hold human form, and to shape-shift into reptilians.  And there could be other things that happen. You know, I’m thinking of the times that Diana would have gone through a menstrual period. Well, that would have also really triggered some of these people in the Royal Family that are reptilian around her to want to shape-shift. Or any woman. Any human woman in that household that would be having a period, that scent of blood would tend to cause a momentary shapeshift.

[David Icke] What was the whole, what appears to be a ceremony, surrounding her assassination? What was that about? The rumors that she was pregnant, and the Egyptian Doti Fayed, and the place where it all happened, which is an ancient sacrificial site to the Goddess Diana. How does that all figure in the rituals that you know about?

[Arizona Wilder] The crone aspect of the goddess is Hecate. And the day of Hecate is on August 13th. And what is very prevalent with the Illuminati, and what they’ve done with the druidism, and the Egyptian religions, is that they like to mirror the numbers. And so with the Goddess Isis, her number is 18. And when you mirror it it is 81. And that is the number of the sister of Isis, Nepthys. And Nepthys was considered the evil sister to Isis. With Hecate, I think what happened here is that she was sacrificed, and it was a very important sacrifice because three people died. And it was a picture of, a triad of Isis, Osiris and Horus to them.  Horus being the unborn child of Doti Fayed that Diana carried, and was three months old, which is another important fact and important to them. It’s important to be three months old. Sacrificial babies are taken in utero at three, five, and seven months. And when I heard about this, this was a deal that I understood now had gone down. And she had to die in that tunnel because that tunnel’s a passageway for Diana, the Goddess. And she died at the 13th pillar, again, because of Hecate. And she died on the 31st because it’s the mirror image of 13. And my understanding of what I get inside of me, and because I was told by Baron Guy de Rothschild last beginning of February when he was in this country, and he was here to try and reprogram me again, and impregnate me, was that he was in the tunnel that night. He had to be there, because not only was it a ritual death of Diana, this was also about taking her soul. And he was taking the soul of Diana, which no one else could do. Whoever was present there could not do it. He could do it. And he was in France …

[David Icke] This is the hypnotic stare you talk about?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes. And drawing in the breath. And he had to be there to do this ritual killing, this ritual murder.

[David Icke] This would mean the ambulance team, and a doctor that arrived within a minute of the crash coming the other way, must have been in on this whole deal.  Or at least the people in charge of the ambulance team. From your experience of the kind of people involved in this Illuminati Satanic network, do you think that’s possible that they could set that up?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes I do. I’ve seen a lot of things set up that if you did not know, if you weren’t in on the so-called “inner circle,” or know what the Illuminati can do -- because they depend on people not believing they are really there -- you would have a hard time believing it, that this has been such a secretive group, and worked in such insidious ways to infiltrate and control. And there are so many unanswered questions that they don’t seem to be able to answer about Diana that keep coming up -- in spite of all the reports that come out -- because there are people who don’t believe what they’re hearing.

[David Icke] What would have been the purpose of creating such a clear and definite ritual in the assassination of Diana? What would be the purpose of that, when they could have killed her in another way?

[Arizona Wilder] Because it had to be done as a ritual, because they were going to take her soul. And it had to happen in the tunnel.  It had to happen that way.  It had to happen in that year. And there’s a timeline to all of this.

[David Icke] There have been many rumors that she was pregnant, but as I understand it, one of her friends says that was not possible because she knew very shortly before she’d had a menstrual period. Is it possible to be pregnant and for that to still happen?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes it is. This happened to me. I was impregnated with one of my own fertilized eggs that was fertilized by the sperm of Pindar.  And he sent Guy de Rothschild to impregnate me in this manner.  And I was impregnated in October of ’94.  I had periods up until February when it was discovered.  And they seemed normal, not light.  And since I had the background of a nurse, I was and had worked with a nurse-midwife delivering babies. For some reason it occurred to me to check my stomach, my abdomen.  And I realized that I was pregnant.  And so I ended up seeing a doctor who told me, “You’re pregnant.” He did it with a blood test, the urine test, and ultrasound exam.  And he said "If I don’t do an abortion on you tomorrow, you’re going to have to go through a different type of abortion," which probably would have been a saline abortion.  And I knew what I was pregnant by that time. And so I was terrified to go through with it. I could not go through with it, knowing what I knew.  And so I had the abortion. But I had periods the whole time.

[David Icke] You were impregnated at the point that it happened without your having any knowledge of it.

[Arizona Wilder] No I did not.

[David Icke] Is it possible that happened to Diana? The evidence I’ve looked at suggests also mind-control, and a multiple from the early part of her life.

[Arizona Wilder] That is definitely more than a probability. The thing about being multiple, or dissociative identity disorder, is that the host person doesn’t know that they are. But they have missing time. But then they have amnesia for the missing time, and they don’t realize they’re missing time. They don’t realize things are happening to them. You know, they show up pregnant, they show up with marks on their bodies they don’t know [how they got, and think], “Oh, I think I must have bumped myself.” And that’s not actually how it happened. Or they have needlemarks on their body when they’ve been got hold of and drugged. And it’s only when they start to realize something’s not right, and they try and make a timeline, and try to account for their time, they realize there’s so much they can’t account for that they simply took for granted:  “Oh, I was out shopping,” or “I was at this person’s house,” or “I was over there.”  Then they realize they don’t have a timeline for any of these things.

[David Icke] Do you think that Diana’s two children were Prince Charles’ children?

[Arizona Wilder] I do not believe that William is.  I’ve heard he was Charles’ son.  I’ve heard about someone else.  And I believe that it was neither. I believe that this child, Prince William, is the son of Pindar. And she was impregnated. And she did not realize that.

[David Icke] When you look at the ritual nature of all that, you’ve got Osiris, it seems, symbolized by Doti Fayed, and Isis symbolized by Diana.  Presumably the baby quite obviously symbolizes Horus, an Egyptian legend and ritual. Why create that in a tunnel in Paris at that time? What was it designed to do, to symbolize or whatever?

[Arizona Wilder] It’s part of symbolizing getting the world ready to recognize the Horus that is about to come upon us in the year 2000.  And the year 2000 is the age of Horus, Osiris reborn. And there’s a sacrifice involved. And the sacrifice is the mother.  And the sacrifice is this child.  And yet it involves another child who yet lives by the same mother.

[David Icke] Are you talking about William?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes, I am talking about William.

[David Icke] What would have happened to Diana, in your experience in the ritual, and what would have happened to the unborn child after the events in the tunnel in Paris?

[Arizona Wilder] That Diana left the tunnel dead. She didn’t leave that tunnel alive. That ritual, she had to die in that tunnel. And they had to take her soul in that tunnel. And they had to take the soul, or the developing soul, developing essence of the unborn child.  And in the hospital it follows logically, according to what I know about what they do, that they would have taken the uterus and the fetus from Diana. That would have been taken. And as a ritual that would have been taken. And they would have removed other body parts.

[David Icke] And done what?

[Arizona Wilder] Distributed them for high Illuminati members to consume. This is a ritual sacrifice.

[David Icke] Some strange things happened after that. Strange things happened all the way through it. But suddenly the decision was made that she would not be buried in the local church where she wanted to be buried, but on an island among the trees, in a lake, at Althorp Park. And Earl Spencer, her brother, claims through a dream he was inspired to put four black swans on the lake. Again, from your knowledge of the ritual, what does all that mean? Why do that?

[Arizona Wilder] Because four black swans, they have to do with four directions, four seasons.  They have to do with sealing something for all eternity. To have four of something like that, black swans figure in Celtic mythology quite a bit, and the Druid mythology. And black is the color of Hecate, and also one of the goddess aspects, three goddess aspects they have.  The name is Black Flame, or Black Star. And black flame means unto death. And so they wore the color black. And somewhere in there would be a flame.

[David Icke] The decisions after her death to put her on an island, among the trees, in a lake, and the four black swans, were all, at least on the surface, taken by her brother Earl Spencer. Have you any experience of him?

[Arizona Wilder] Earl Spencer I have seen at rituals. He’s definitely tied into it. Her family has been part of this. She has this blood line. I have not seen him shape-shift, but he’s tied into it.

[David Icke] You’ve seen him at rituals where sacrifices take place?

[Arizona] Yes I have.

[David Icke] What about her father? Any knowledge of him?

[Arizona Wilder] Her father was present at rituals. Her father would have to have been involved way before Diana was born. For her to have been involved, and watch her actions after, cutting herself, being anorexic, being bulimic, these are so indicative of someone who has been involved in mind control, has been hurt, and has been forced to follow mind programming. This would have started when she was a little child. And her father would have been involved.

[David Icke] So if they got her involved in this mind control stream from birth, presumably they would have been able to shape events right from that point to the 13th pillar.

[Arizona Wilder] Yes. When someone becomes what we call multiple personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder, there are many programs that are induced that can be induced at any point. I mean, you’ve got the machinery in place when they are a very small child.  And as they grow, they can install programs at any point, and have different parts hold these programs.  And they can be made to do just about anything. They are taught things, such as a red light is a green light, go through the light. They drive faster than they realize they are driving. They are able to memorize, or just glance, at something, and right away just pick what the point is they are going after for some reason.  Or they can memorize phone numbers in just a glance.

[David Icke] The car hit the 13th pillar driven by Henri Paul, who was missing for three hours that night, a man who’s been connected to both British and French Intelligence. Given the obsession with the number 13, it seems beyond coincidence that with all of those pillars in the tunnel, it hit the 13th. Is it possible to mind control someone, like Henri Paul, so that at speed they could pick out the 13th pillar?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes it is. It’s also very possible that he was drugged and programmed in the time that he was missing. It’s possible for him to have taken medication, but not have it affect him at all.

[David Icke] Does that include alcohol?

[Arizona Wilder] Alcohol also. Yes. And then maybe later or not, it would affect him, depending on if that’s what the program was, for it to affect him. But it might not affect someone at all. I’ve been through this myself, so I know this to be true.

[David Icke] What happened to you in this instance?

[Arizona Wilder] It was a very bad time in my life -- the one time in particular I am speaking of -- where my then-husband told me he wanted a divorce. And I took approximately 8, I don’t remember what the dosage was, but 8 Xanax pills in front of him, and I drove from where I lived in Orange County to the Norwalk area, and went to see my therapist who was holding some groups in this area.  And I did not feel the affects of the pills at all when I drove to see him. I did not feel the affects of the pills at all when I left there an hour and a half later. I had no car accidents.  I was not stopped.  My driving skills were very good.  And I’ve seen this happen with other people who’ve had mind control programming, and this DID.  And you just swallow up medication, and one part holds on to it and it does not affect the body.

[David Icke] So if you’re in a compartment that is not connected to taking the pills, you’re not affected by it? But if you were put into that compartment that took the pills, if you like, you would be affected by them?

[Arizona Wilder] Yes. And what they can do with you is have a whole bunch of alters, or parts, lined up that, okay, you will be out from this point to this point, and then this next part will be out from this point to this point.  And they can keep going like that. It can be a very complicated, long thing.  They can line them up that way. That’s the way the programming is.

[David Icke] Do you think this could explain the apparent mystery of an alcohol reading of Henri Paul that was equivalent to 8 scotches on an empty stomach, while the video evidence of the Ritz Hotel security cameras is that this is not a man, in the minutes before he drove Diana into the tunnel, that was at any way at that level of drunkenness.

[Arizona Wilder] Yes.  That can very well explain it.   With this kind of mind-control programming that they do, once you go into that mode that they want you in, you can be hurt and in a lot of pain, or you can be drugged to the gills, or have drunk too much, and you appear to be in no pain at all.  You appear to be perfectly with it.  And you don’t feel it. You feel alright.

[David Icke] People would find it difficult, just coming from their own experience and observation, that someone could drive a car into a tunnel at a considerable speed and pick out among thirty-odd, the 13th pillar. How is that possible to program someone to do that?

[Arizona Wilder] Because that someone has been taught and programmed, and taught and programmed, and taught for quite a while how to do this at a very fast speed. The mind works very fast. And if they have the mind and body connected the right way, this person would have been able to drive to the 13th pillar at a fast speed.

[David Icke] Would that have been happening on a conscious level, or would the subconscious have been pulling the strings?

[Arizona Wilder] This would have been on the subconscious level, and the person would not be aware themselves or what they were doing.

[David Icke] In those crucial minutes before Henri Paul got into the car and drove away, would someone have had to give him the trigger to access and activate the programming then, or could he have in some way been pre-programmed to be triggered at that time?  And if so, what would that be? 

[Arizona Wilder] Well, he was probably programmed to do all of this at a trigger signal. And so what happened is that someone triggered him with a preset signal that he was told, “When you are given this signal, you will act out.”  But the program was already set to go off when he saw the trigger.

[David Icke] What form could this trigger have taken?

[Arizona Wilder] It could have been a hand signal.  It could have been a certain kind of handshake.  It could have been a color that he saw that was flashed in front of his face.  It could have been a certain person doing a hand signal. It’s most likely that there was a person present, that he was to react to, when this person said something, or signaled him in some way.

[David Icke] Given the extent of your programming since birth, how was it possible for you to break out of it as you appear to have done now?

[Arizona Wilder] One thing that happened is that in 1989, my programmer/ handler, died, who was Mengele. And he was in this country so much, and I was around him so much, and he had a lot of control over me.  And what happens when a programmer / handler dies, they have usually taught the person that they have been working on, “working with,” to be very, very loyal unto death to them. And that’s something that in the end works against everything, because when they die, even someone else coming in and trying to take over, a lot of these alters are not open to that, and are loyal to that one person. And in my case, Baron Guy de Rothschild is the one who tried to take over. And for some number of years, half the time they got their way, and half the time they didn’t. And in major things, they did not get their way. One of the things I went out and did in 1993, is I cut my hair off.  And because I was publicly seen, and known to have very very long hair, I could no longer be seen. I could not be seen with my hair cut off short. This would have caused a lot of questions with other people who had been programmed. And they still tried to carry on with other parts where I wouldn’t have to be publicly seen, because they still consider me to hold this status.  And they still consider me their property. I was always told I was their property.

[David Icke] One question that people would ask is, given all that you know, why don’t they just take you out?

[Arizona Wilder] They still have plans for me.  And this was told to me just a few days ago by someone else who has spoken with Baron Guy de Rothschild.  They have plans for me, and they plan to have me back because of the psychic abilities.  And that is not going to happen.

[David Icke] In the little bit of tape that we’ve got left, could we just turn to the jewelry you’ve got there to your left. What is that? Is that part of the rituals that you were involved with?
[Arizona Wilder] The first one, this is a child’s ring.  It is a 14 kt. white gold ring with a diamond in the middle of a hexagram, or a hexagonal shape.  And it looks like a hexagon if you were able to look closely at the diamond.  This was returned to me by my ex-husband who told me, “Well, this was in your daughter’s clothes.” And this was a message to me.  And it was a trigger to me for him to do this. Any high ranking survivors that I have talked to that know of this ring, know that it’s from Mothers of Darkness. And it would be very unusual, I mean, I don’t know of anyone else who has a ring like this in their possession at this point in time.

[David Icke] And what’s the necklace?
[Arizona Wilder] The necklace here is made out of copper, and it’s very Egyptian.  And it was given to me when I turned 19.  And that’s an important age, because you really start, at the position I was at, having these psychic powers in full effect, and being allowed to do this in full effect during rituals.  It was worn during certain rituals.

[David Icke] Why copper, and why have it at all?

[Arizona Wilder] Copper is a transmitter.  Copper has always been used in the occult. It has a specific meaning. The meaning it has is, because I had a triad of alters that were very active in a lot of rituals, and that triad was Isis, Osiris, and Horus. And Isis was the part that drew down the moon. And Osiris performed the rituals. And Horus was what was born of performing those rituals.

[David Icke] Just in the literally three minutes we’ve got left, three or four minutes, I know it’s difficult, but I want people to understand the nature of what’s going on to so many people today.  What sort of things were done to you as part of your traumatization as a child, and later?

[Arizona Wilder] I was electroshocked to the extent that my parents were told when I was in first grade that my I.Q. was 70, and that I was retarded, that I would be retarded. I always had trouble in school, when I was in school, because I missed so much school.  My school records are missing. They’ve just disappeared. I have medical records that are missing.  My birth certificate appears to have been tampered with.  I have had my eyelids taped open so I couldn’t shut my eyes, I have been electroshocked.  I have been put into narcoleptic sleep, and had earphones placed over my ears, and had messages repeated and repeated for days. I’ve had drugs injected into my body, so that my nerves were like on fire, and then they would just touch me. Since I wasn’t allowed to have marks on my body, they couldn’t use a cattle prod on me.  But they do use cattle prods on people when torturing them.  And they do use electrical stimulation to the genitals.  And also on the teeth. And they like to inject between the toes, and underneath the fingernails, and up in the gums. I’ve also had some kind of scarring done up in the roof of my mouth, all the way up to the brainstem, back here, that gives me a photographic memory. And I have calcium blocks around the pineal gland, that seem to be perfectly spaced and even.  And it is very, very curious, and doctors can’t seem to come up with a reason for that. I have been programmed to be anorexic, to be bulimic. For the government programming, since I was also used by the government in this country, I was programmed to cut my arms if I started to remember, which I was punished for by the Illuminati, as I was not to have these marks upon myself. I was made to eat my own feces as a little child. I was made to drink my own urine. I was not allowed to go to the bathroom. I was placed in a sensory deprivation tank. I had my shoulders, my knees, my toes, my fingers and my elbows dislocated, and then put back into place when they wanted me to be traumatized. I’ve repeatedly had phone calls of tones coming over my phone.  And tones that you can’t make by pressing telephone buttons.  Tones that sound like sonar sounds from a submarine.  Tones that sound like they were made from some kind of instrument.  And I have had directed energy used on me, ELF, low frequency electric waves used on me, microwave energy.  And this, in turn, has created -- I would hear one tone in one ear, and a different one in the other ear -- a third tone.  They are called tri-tones.  They change the electrical activity of your brainwaves to put you in the state they want you in. I have been programmed to run through a red light, thinking it’s green. There’s been a lot of programming done around my children. They’ve used my children against me. And it’s a very painful subject with me to know that this is happening to my children, the same thing that’s happened to me. I don’t know if I can make people understand this, it’s easier for me, okay, I can handle that I went through this, and what I want most is to expose these people because of what they’re doing to children all over, but they are doing it to my children, too. And my daughter believes I have abandoned her. My son believes I abandoned him. And when they are children, they don’t have hope when their mother is taken away from them.  And they are told that their mother just left them. So this is a cycle that goes on with thousands and thousands of survivors, not just myself.  And this is how they perpetuate it if there is a parent that’s protective of their beliefs, and has found out that this is happening.

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