Council of 13 to Rule America !

1st August 2011 Dictatorial power through legislation has been given to 6 members of the house, 6 members of the senate and Barack Obama as a Veto

It is well known that any laws or bills that want to be passed have to go through CONGRESS first and they will approve it or not,
it is congress that holds the steering direction of where AMERICA is heading,
although from your knowledge, politicians are corrupt, let it be known congress have remained not under the FULL influence of corrupted capiltalists from lawyers to BANKERS, there are still GOOD MEN working hard to fight of evil.

This new house agreement has appointed a new comittee where if congress dosent pass a bill then it will be taken over to this new SUPER CONGRESS of 13 where they will decide whether to pass it or not. This is TREASON.
So if the president and his bureaucratic death loving banker friends want to pass a law and the congress dont approve it, then the president with his council of 13 will just approve it anyway. Why even have a congress ?

The IMPORTANCE of the term COUNCIL OF 13 is in relation to the 13 top WITCH, BLACK MAGIC, LORDS that are in DIRECT contact with the top RULING CLASS of up to 6 "ROYAL" FAMLIES, when in fact there is nothing royal about them. These families rule the world through false and fake monetary and financial systems, by destroying free market and creating debt out of nothing in order to enslave countries and turn them into 3rd world status.

You may intellectually know and be aware about this information, and have known for many years, BUT ask yourself now, to see this actually happen? What more do you know of that you are simply waiting to happen! Will you wait for demonic entities to aspirate in front of your eyes before you begin to warn people of them. Will YOU watch a TSUNAMI hit your town before you start warning people about it? Its to late by then ! This is a huge step forward by evil into the end of america through DEATH WORSHIP. Share this information to everyone you can, tell people to research this information for themselves.


Full video report here:

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