Fiona Armstrong

She has been a news reporter for decades but at the sight of a negro she was so shocked she stutters on a job she has being doing for years!

She acts as if she didnt know she was about to interview him even though his FACE is enlarged on the screen right behind her

News reporters are TRAINED to be quick and decisive these are JOURNALISTS and she made the decisive decision to be a SELLOUT !

First she calls him Darcus Howe, meaning she knows his name then twice and third at the end she calls him "Marcus" "Dowe"

HIS name is written in front of her on the papers on her desk so that she can be accurate, yet today she must of been influenced on drugs, right? NO !

She tries to imply that he "CONDONES" the rioting then she ACCUSES him of being a RIOTER himself

How can she get away with it by BBC coming out and saying oh we are sorry for "GETTING HIS NAME WRONG" ?

She should come out and PUBLICLY apologize for not only calling him by a differnt name but for INSULTING him and INSULTING BBC AUDIENCE !

These are the sellouts to mankind, who read the TELE PROMPTERS for their PAY CHEQUE because they have been told that they are part of the elite! do you know what kind of lifestyles and fancy party's with politicians these reporters live ? do you know where these Tele prompter readers invest their money in ?

They themselves have been tricked and fooled that they are apart of the higher elite for their favours of KNOWINGLY LYING to the public.

Why are these reporters who know the information that we know so HAPPY to LIE to us and watch our destruction, THEY KNOW the truth they study and research EVERYDAY just like us, yet they would rather be DISINORMATION AGENTS,

There are many out in the open, coorporate slaves like FIONA ARMSTRONG, you just have to watch a FOX NEWS to know what kind of sellouts we are dealing with. And DO NOT feel sorry for them that "they are scared to speak out, they just want to do their job and get paid"

Well then why haven't they made blogs like this and the many thousands out there who expose these people for who they are! DO NOT defend these sellouts!

WE as a people need to REACH OUT to these REPORTERS and TELL them what they are doing is WRONG and they have to STOP and speak the TRUTH, we are ALL HUMANS !

And those same reporters like FIONA ARMSTRONG will be sold out and betrayed in the end, no matter how much you dont like them, thats not a good thing, we are ALL HUMANS !

Darcus Howe:

Darcus Howe (born 1943) is a British broadcaster, columnist, and civil liberties campaigner. Originally from Trinidad, he moved to America in the 1960s, then arrived in England intending to study law, where he joined the British Black Panthers, the first such branch of the organization outside the United States. He came to public attention in 1970 as one of the Mangrove Nine, when he marched to the police station in Notting Hill, London, to protest against police raids of the Mangrove restaurant, and again in 1981 when he organized a 20,000-strong "Black People's March" in protest at the handling of the investigation into the New Cross Fire, in which 13 black teenagers died.

He is a former editor of Race Today, and former chair of the Notting Hill Carnival. He is best known in the UK for his "Black on Black" series on Channel 4; his current affairs programme, Devil's Advocate; and his work with Tariq Ali on Bandung File. His television work also includes White Tribe (2000), a look at modern Britain and its loss of "Englishness"; Slave Nation (2001); and Who You Callin' a Nigger? (2004). He writes columns for New Statesman and The Voice.

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