All of media was postponed, the entire news of millions of deaths from false rebellions, the fact that the world economics is still in financial turmoil was non-existent, for the ROYAL wedding of the WORLD was about to to commence, and all peasants must stop all work and be given a special day off from slavery to WORSHIP the parasitic wedding of these SCUM who rule our world and are killing us ALL.

Prince Phillip in His Own Words said:
"We Need To 'Cull' The Surplus Population" 
[Printed in The American Almanac, August 25, 1997]
"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus,
in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation,"
        [Philip told Deutsche Press Agentur in August 1988.]

British Royals taught Hitler and the Germans everything here is an article on their connections.

These so called Royals believe they are GODS and they have the royal blood line that is in conjunction with this false doctrine of spiritual right to enslave us all. they have NO rights over the us, the people, Yet these monsters dwell in great LUST over this CULTURE OF DEATH, they love it! and they want to destroy us ALL with it!

A SOUTH PACIFIC tribe even come out in the open, and say PRINCE PHILIP is a GOD and they are preparing for him to "come home". Maybe these tribe people know something about these "GODS" that
the public have no clue whatsoever. This is reported in the LONDON TELEGRAPH.

Are these parasites our GODS? Are we as human beings fighting against "GODS" whatever you believe these people are..remember, ancient man used fall into a false sense of worship of anything that seemed
bigger than them and if it especially was able to perform "magic" it was automatically called a "GOD" and they wanted to learn its power by worshiping it and wanting to be like it there is only one TRUE GOD,

do you then call an eagle a god becuase it can fly and you cant? the nazi's even use a symbol of an eagle as their god!

The media try to perceivethat the royals have no influence in politics, The BRITISH QUEEN, "THE WINDSOR QUEEN", tried to tell the Canadian parliment what to do and they refused, so she shut them down for a period off time, what kind of power is that?

These monsters are not our friends, they wear ROBES and CROWNS on their HEAD to remind you the SLAVES whose in CHARGE who you should BOW DOWN to,

the kings in china, not even the kings and princes in Asia wear robes or jewels! no they are on another level!

the Chinese kings wear military uniform to remind their people what TIME it is they are here for WAR! and YOU must worship the death loving peadophiles! THIS IS WRONG!

The "royals" own all these bankers and give them the power to bring us down to the very edge of poverty through fraud, while they feed of our pain, they want to see us die, they want to see us bleed to death, to see your children die from starvation,

its not enough that they've put us into a world of Babylonian fetishes, worshiping death and sex, now they want to see us grovel and be raped, they wont stop till we are all prostitutes to their tyranny of death worship! What are you doing to stop these MONSTERS from hurting your FAMILY, hurting YOUR people, YOU know that these people are not going to STOP.


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