Michael Moore Exposed: Sellout to the Elite and Investor in Death

This video shows who michael moore really WORKS for, he has big invests in defense contractors, He lies about wars, He is seen with hedgefern debt managers who are associated bankers. There are up to 400 of  these people.

They make sure 80% of taxes go to the foreign banks
while the public get 20%
people like michael moore KNOWS this but twists it and dosernt expose the bankers instead blames calls them the middle class, who are hardworking people earning wages up to £200,000 from self made businesses, and says that is  is them who dont pay enough taxes and calls them as the "RICH"

He pushes this message to the union officials
and tells them this 80% dosent belong to the workers, they have no rights
and  the union officials must promote this to the workers so that they can sign up to nice government payrolls
all the union members are now on government pay, up to 30.000 a year just for being a clerk,
becuase you know what your doing is WRONG, its like PORN, the more risk you take
the more pay you get becuase you know what your doing is WRONG. Your selling us out to these DEVILS! you are giving us away to be enslaved and killed, and they will get you, when they dont need you no more, what do you think they'll do with you, EXACTLY the same, its a cycle, a real life culture of morons who have given us all up to worship death!

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