Dehumanization - Will You Stand Up Against Tyranny ?

When GOOD men who know what is going on, sit down and do nothing, IS the sign of EVIL winning. Is that who you want to win? For if evil wins, then we all lose! Fear is what stops us from fighting back, the fear of death, not being able to live your life, not getting to do the things you want, not being able to see your loved ones all becuase if you stand up, an invisible sniper will shoot you back down. What about about the fear of loosing your home, the fear of loosing your job and money, the fear of your family being raped and killed? If you simply watch evil and believe you knowing about it, is enough, ALL your fears will come true. SHARING is the key, sharing this information, sharing the knowledge of what is happening around you and what is happening to YOU, this simple action will bring down evil and force it to back away in a corner where we can name and SHAME it for what it really is, the doctrine of DEATH.


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